Meeting Timer

Meeting Timer Pro


Have you ever been in a meeting which did not proceed any results because the people were just waffling away forever?
Usually the problem is, that time is not kept correctly. Nobody notices how much time has already passed and soon the
meeting is over without achieved results. And even worse, the more people sit in such an unproductive meeting the more money goes down the drain for nothing!

MeetingTimer Pro is the solution! Not only does it show the remaining time, but also how much money has been burned already!

Meeting Timer Pro takes the following costs into account

  • room costs
  • equipment costs (for beamers etc.)
  • catering costs
  • costs for staff
  • costs for managers
  • costs for senior managers
  • costs for top managers

What are you waiting for? Convert your iPad into a formidable meeting control instrument – with MeetingTimer Pro!