Mod Wheels

ModWheels brings classical synthesizer modulation and pitch wheels to your iPhone and iPod.

Just hook up a MIDI interface and control any MIDI enabled synth or keyboard. In addition to the wheel interface this app also features a pitch ribbon / wheel combination as it could be found on some vintage synths.
This app comes in handy when you are using one the two new Hammond organ keyboards SK1 and SK2, which also feature great synth sounds. But for some reason the designers have forgotten the performance controls! ModWheels help you using the full potential of those keyboards. ModWheels also works great for keyboarders who can’t get a hang of Roland’s pitch bend / mod controllers.

Setup on a Mac

ModWheels also supports MIDI over WIFI. On OS X that works out of the box. On a Windows PC you need to download a program called rtpMIDI. Then follow the instruction on:

See screenshots here

ModWheels has been rated „Killer App“ by the testers of Apps4iDevices

Here’s what our customers say about ModWheels

“I am currently on tour in Australia with Spectra recording artist Nadia Ackerman and using mod wheels on stage as part of a complex set up driving Kontakt 5, M-Tron pro and NI Pro 53. The ribbon controller in particular is giving me a level of expressiveness I could not achieve before.“

Harvey Jones

image courtesy of Harvey Jones

Other voices

  • Simple, yet very useful, Over the past 6 months, I’ve been looking for a decent, yet inexpensive iOS-based MIDI controller that features both pitch bending and modulation for use with my keyboard that lacks such important expression controls… I eventually gave up after running short of luck. This past week, however, I searched again, and then I stumbled upon this little gem of an app. The first time I launched ModWheels, I of course knew to connect my iPhone to my computer over Wi-Fi, but when it came to actually trying out the app on some of my favorite software synthesizers, I was immediately blown away by the quick response of the app. And the fact that there’s an option to allow you to change the pitch bend wheel to a ribbon controller… that’s the icing on the cake. Thank you very much for releasing this nice little app. I proudly take my hat off to Mr. Schorer.“