Quake Buddy

Quake Buddy will guard your sleep by detecting even the smallest tremors and then alert you with a loud sound. It can detect tremors from earthquakes long before you might notice them in your sleep and therefore gives you the chance to react in time by hiding under a table or taking other protecting measures.

Quake Buddy features two sensitivity settings to prevent false alarms.

Quake Buddy may also be used as an intruder alert. Place it near the door of your hotel room and it will sound an alarm when someone opens the door.

Top operate Quake Buddy couldn’t be simpler. Just launch the application and place the iPhone onto a flat, stable surface. After Quake Buddy has detected no more movements it calibrates and then automatically goes into observation mode. When a tremor is detected Quake Buddy will sound a very loud Alarm.

Hear the Alert: QuakeBuddyAlert

Before activating Quake Buddy make sure that the ringtone volume is fully up, silent mode is deactivated. Quake Buddy disables the power saving mode of the iPhone, therefore it is essential that the iPhone is connected to either the iPhone charger or the USB port of a computer.

Quake Buddy works only on the iPhone 2G , 3G 3GS, 4 and iPhone 4S

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Nobody can predict earthquakes. QuakeBuddy also does not predict them but rather sense tremors arriving before the major quake. This will give you at best some seconds before the big quake arrives! The author of this program can not be made responsible for any damage which may have been caused by using the program or by malfunctioning of this program!

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